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1/1/19 Tuesday
fixed divder on Car page
updated Terms

1/2/19 Wensday
Added new page Resume'

1/3/19 Thursday
Added new links to Restraunt, Decorating/candles
Added new page Witchcraft

1/5/19 Saturday
Added new link to Malls, Crafts
Deleted broken links on Crafts

1/6/19 Sunday
Deleted broken links on Addurl,Affiliate networks, Auctions,Crafts, Crochette, Batteries
Added new link to clothing, Bank, batteries
over the next few days I will be checking the whole entire site for broken links. I sure have a job a head of me. I will add new links too if you send them in

1/7/19 Monday
Deleted broken links Chat, Christian, Classifieds, College, Computer, Dating
Added new links to dishes

1/9/19 wednesday
fixed broken links on Domain,music, Entertainment, recipe, a href="gamessites.html">Game sites, Free
Added new link to music, magazine
Added new page Radio stations
Started adding free games to play here

1/12/19 Saturday
Updated pages Garden, Genealogy, Government
deleted broken links Greeting cards

1/13/19 Sunday
updates the following pages Hearing aid, HomeSchool, Hotel/motels, Java script, jewlery, loan, movie, moving/boxes
added new links to legal, Marketing

1/15/19 Tuesday
Updated the following pages News papers, Personal homepages, Classifieds, phone, poetry,pools,
fixed broken links on Personal homepage
Added new links to Pets

1/17/19 Thursday
Added new links to mall, Buglar alarms, Science
removed broken links on pages Radio stations, reference
updated Realestate, Restraunts, Resume' help, Scripts
Added hit counter to update2,Contactus, homepage, Advertising

1/18/19 Friday
Removed broken links for Search engines
updated Servers, Shoes/boots, Sign language, Smoking/chew

1/20/19 Sunday
Deleted broken links Social networks, Webdign, Webmaster
Added new links to Sports, Scripts, Web site templates, webdirectory, Writer
updated Stocks, Taxs, Templates, Tickets, Toys,
Added affiliate links to Webhosting, Decorating, Furniture, Eye, art, movie

1/24/19 Thursday
Added new affiliate links to music, Electronics, Family, wholesale

1/26/19 Saturday
Added new affiliate link to Furniture,Wedding, health, mall

1/27/19 Sunday
Added new pages videogames/game stations, Antiques/doll
Added new links to Toys, Crafts, Family/toddler games, Game sites
updated Game sites

2/7/19 Thursday
Added affiliate link to Affiliate networks
Added new links to Legal

2/13/19 Wendsday
Added new affiliate links to Car, Auction
2/23/19 Saturday
Added new links to Beauty

3/2/19 Saturday
Added submitted links to Webmaster, business, Sport, Loan, resell websites

3/11/19 Monday
Added text affiliate links to Food, Webmaster
Added affiliate banner to Webhosting
Added regular links to Dishes

3/14/19 Thursday
Added new links to Toys

3/25/19 Monday
Added new links to Job, Hotels, SearchEngines

3/31/19 Sunday
Added new links to Classifieds, Domain names

4/13/19 Saturday
Added submited links to Date and business

5/3/19 Friday
Added new link on Dating, Wholesale

5/24/19 Friday
Added new links to Wholesale

5/30/19 thursday
Added new link to Webmaster
Added afffiliate banner to Music

6/1/19 Saturday
Added new links to Searchengines, Addurl

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