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6/6/19 Thursday
Added new links to Toys

7/19/19 Friday
link Submission added to domains, Travel

7/30/19 Tuesday
Removed broken affiliate links that no longer work on Beauty, Malls,food, Smoking

7/31/19 wendsday
Added new page Credit cards
Added new affiliate text link to Health
Removed non working affiliate link from Health

8/6/19 Monday
deleted broken links Addurl, Affiliate networks, animalrescue
Added new page Car repairs

8/9/19 Friday
removed broken links on Beverages, Baby, Wholesale, Christian, Chatrooms, Classified, clothing
Added a Fax page to better help you

8/12/19 Monday
Added affiliate link to health, Car Repair
Added new link to Webmaster
Added new page Moneymaking
Added affiliate banner to Jewlery, Wedding

8/17/19 Saturday
Added new page Credit

8/18/19 Sunday
Deleted broken links on following pages Game sites, Health, Home improvement, jewlery, job, legal
Added new links to money makers

8/19/19 Monday
Added new page Waste removal/furniture removal
Adding page links for see also on bottom of pages that fit the catagory for the subject for example under page jobs you will link to affiliate networks. p.s. if you still can find what your looking for visit Sitemapit will have all the pages
added links for see also links business, Webmaster, Jobs, Webdesign, Entertainment, music, Electronics, Family

8/22/19 Thursday
Added new link to Jobs
removed having problems with website where nothing would work on website not even contactus form from Scripts
if you are hscripts please let me know when your site is fixed so i can readd you..please use email@vickidirectory.com will use your default email program to email me.
Added counter to Sitemap page
Removed broken link Stocks

8/30/19 Friday
Added new link to Science, Magazine

8/31/19 Saturday
Added new affiliate text links to moneymakers, Health, Eye glasses, jobs, stocks, Books
Added affiliate banners to legal, jewlery

8/31/19 Sunday
added new link to movie
Fixed broken links on travel

9/8/19 Sunday
Removed broken links from Newspapers, Recipes
Added new links to Resell websites

9/9/19 Monday
deleted broken links Jobs
Added new affiliate text links Resume, Movies, books, Marketing, Christian, Magizine, Job

9/17/19 Tuesday
Added new affiliate text links to Jobs, College, books, clothing, Shoes
Added regular link to pet

9/19/19 Thursday
Added submitted link to Creditcard

9/21/19 Saturday
Added submited link to Pets
added affiate text links to Dating

9/23/19 Monday
Added submited link to flowers
Created page Cable
Added affiliate text links to Cable, Travel, Computer, Movies, Electronics, Furniture, decorating, mall, Pools, Pet

9/25/19 Wendsday
Added new link to genealogy/family trees, Pets

10/15/19 Tuesday
Added new links to AnimalRescue

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